Classical & Modern Tailoring

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There is a reason why we are known as “where the stars get their clothes altered.” Here at Classical & Modern Tailoring, we build a reputation all its own. We help you with all of your tailoring needs for any special occasion that you need to make a fashionable and elegant appearance at.

Starting with brilliant work, intricate design and excellent timeline fulfillment, you can trust that we’ll meet your meticulous and particular taste for your more expensive and unique items. Whether these items are wedding dresses, evening gowns, tuxedos or even a bespoke suit inspiration, you couldn’t be in better hands – Classical & Modern Tailoring has got you covered.

Classical & Modern Tailoring will be your one stop shop for all of your tailoring needs. You can put your trust in us that we are always looking for ways to help you find cost efficient and creative solutions for the custom tailored design of your dreams.

36 Years Experience

We are proud to be one of few tailoring shops in Los Angeles with over 36 year experience working with both public and private clients.

Professional Service

Classical Tailoring is the only professional tailoring and alterations store that remains in Beverly Hills for past 18 years.

Custom Designs

Every person has their own vision for their fashion. We make sure that vision comes true.