About Us

As the only professional tailoring and alterations establishment that has remained in Beverly Hills for the past 18 years, we are extremely proud to have 36 years of experience in working with both public and private clients.

Since 1996, we have been servicing many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities who continue to be loyal customers. We have made a successful appearance on and episode of TLC’s “Brides of Beverly Hills” where Avo, the owner of the shop, handcrafted wedding dresses into beautiful works of art.

We do everything we can to stand out from the rest! Being one of the few tailoring shops in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas that qualify and service both men’s and women’s alterations is something we hold with the highest regard. Very careful attention, care and craft go into tailoring your formal wear that you can feel from the very first fitting.

We treat your tailoring needs as an art and there is nothing we cannot do. Just ask! We enjoy taking on the challenges. Appointments are not required so make sure to stop by our shop anytime! We’ll even take on the challenge for last minute emergencies – You couldn’t be in better hands.

36 Years Experience

180572 & counting ……… Alterations

5370 & counting ……… Custom Designs

3572 & counting ……… Wedding Gowns

2406 & counting ……… Custom Evening Dresses

1257 & counting ……… Formal Wear

1024 & counting ……… Custom Shirts & Skirts