Custom Designs

Custom Designs:

Custom Design - Bevelry Hills
Every person has their own vision for their fashion. Our establishment and crew makes sure that your specific taste is understood and manifested through our craft of custom tailoring. Whether you need work on an exclusive piece of garment like a wedding dress, suit, or skirt, Classical & Modern Tailoring will be there for your custom designing needs.

Custom Tailoring:

Custome Dress Design - Beverly Hills
Classical & Modern Tailoring is one of the very few places that offers and qualifies to make both men’s and women’s tailoring and alterations! We specialize in all types of fabrics such as, cotton, silk and wool, so make us your one stop shop for your tailoring necessities! Walk away confidently with something that suits your taste just right and fits you perfectly.

Custom Dresses:

Custom Design - Beverly Hills
We are a fashion-loving crew and want to provide you the total freedom to fully customize your dress. From choosing your dream fabrics, shapes, color and style, there is no limit to what we can customize just for you! Bring in your traditional wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, unique evening gowns and more and we’ll work with you to manifest your perfect vision of fashion.

Custom Suits:

Classical Modern Tailoring Custom Suits - Beverly Hills

In the world that we live in, suits send signals. It draws the line between looking sluggish and empowerment. When a man is seen in a suit, it says a lot about how he carries himself. A good suit makes a man look triumphant, influential, sexy and impeccable. Classical & Modern Tailoring makes sure that your custom suit sends only signals of success and professionalism. Bring your suit in today and witness the magic that derives from our unique tailoring techniques – You’ll see that we really suit you.

Custom Shirts:

Custom Shirts - Bevelry Hills
Have an idea for a custom tailored shirt? Do you need help designing one? You’ve come to the right place! Classic & Modern Tailoring will help you with making something totally unique! Nobody likes running into another person wearing the same shirt. It just doesn’t need to happen!