Classic & Modern Tailoring specializes in many high quality services in alterations and repairs. Strategically located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, we offer you a one stop shop for all of your tailoring needs. From custom dresses, bespoke suits, French weaving, leather work and complete custom designs, we are confident that we will meet your highest expectations.

Below are a few descriptions on the kind of services we offer:


Tailoring Alterations - Beverly HillsAs one of the main component stitches of tailoring any type of article, alterations takes the main stage in customization. Not all articles of clothing are what they seem and can burden you from traveling from one store to another. One issue people find themselves in is that, one size in a certain store is not always the same in another and you can’t ever find something that fits “just right.” We take care of this for you by making whatever it is that you bring in, fit YOU. Whether you need lengthening, shortening, mending, letting out and taking in any garment, you can rest assured that our tailors will accurately obtain your measurements for custom rendered fashion made to order.


Just as a good suit says a lot about a man, a nice skirt says a lot about a woman. Many women own skirts that are often at unproportioned lengths. This is not uncommon with this popular garment because every woman is unique and skirts are made to a generalized vision of length. A woman with shorter legs might not benefit from a longer skirt but will look stunning in a skirt that is just above the knee as this will give off the illusion of having longer legs. We’ll help you style and tailor your leather, bubble, satin, pencil skirts and more!

Wedding Gowns:

Wedding Gowns Tailoring - Beverly Hills
You should look like the most glorious bride any one has ever seen on the day of your wedding. We will be there from start to finish for all of your alteration needs and take on your stress to get everything just right for your big day. You probably have already done a lot in putting your wedding together, so let us take some stress off your back and help put your one of the main components together for you. Let us work together in making this your perfect dress. You deserve it!

Formal Wear:

Formal Wear Tailoring - Beverly HillsFor the events that call for formal wear, Classical & Modern Tailoring will help you stay in brilliant style. Evening dresses and tuxedos, are just a few things of the many we know how to work into stunning pieces of art. Tailoring is a virtuosity that we speak and your representation rests in our hands. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure that the fashion statement you make, is known by how you shine with the formal customization we have set for your future evening endeavors.

Leather Work:

Leather Tailoring Beverly Hills
We take pride in our ability to provide a wide array of tailoring solutions for all types of material. Leather, for one, is one of the most difficult materials to maintain, clean, and repair. However, with our professional work and proficient ability to provide specialized alterations, we can repair, customize and help your leather jackets, skirts and more looking brand new and in good condition.

French Weaving:

A fundamental skill called, French Weaving, is another service that we specialize in. This special ability helps repair and restore small holes, tears and burns in fabric by taking threads from hidden areas of the garment to be carefully woven over the damaged area without a trace. We are skilled in the art of tailoring and are up for any challenges for repair or customization, so feel free to trust our workmanship and come in today! No appointment needed!